Custom Cartoons

I love drawing cartoons for children. You can hire me to draw a new cartoon or (for a fraction of price) you can license one of my older cartoons.

Custom Illustrations

Isometric illustrations, icons, character design - I can create whatever you need.

Custom Game Assets

Character design, spritesheets, 2D character animation - I will create all the graphic assets you need for your next indie game or mobile app.

Personalized Merchandise

If you want to give someone a gift that is truly special and one of kind, I can help you. I can customize and personalize one of my existing designs according to your wishes and needs.
I can draw your children as superheroes, I can make your loved ones into sports stars. Whatever you need. To learn about my offer, click here.
All the products will be designed by me and available via Zazzle, which will take care of the ordering process, production and delivery.